Hit Kaji Gurung becomes the 10th President of Tamu Dhee UK

London. Tamudhee UK has elected Hit Kaji Gurung as its new president. 

The Senior Vice President of the association, who was in waiting to lead the organisation for some time, was elected unopposed along with all 28 crew members. 

Similarly, Secretary Parashuram Gurung replaces incumbent General Secretary Tularam Gurung who has now become the third Vice President, along with Hari Gurung and Jumkaji Gurung being the other two vice presidents.

Kamal Kone Gurung, Joint-Treasurer during outgoing president Nanda Jang Gurung’s term 2018-20, is now Treasurer of the organisation until 2022.

The new executive committee, lead by Hit Kaji Gurung, will now be the motor of the largest Nepalese organisation in the UK by volume.

The election was held remotely due to COVID-19 and associated restrictions. The official site of the organisation confirms that the Election Commission shall formally announce the full list of 29 members on December 20.