Publication giant Book-Hill releases three new books

Book-Hill Publication, one of the leading Nepali publication houses, has published three translated books this week simultaneously.

Yugant: Mahabharatko Mahamrityu, Musa Manush and Vimukti have come to the market as Nepali translations.

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch, written by Iravati Karve, the first Indian woman Anthropologist, has been translated by writer Sujit Mainali. The publisher claims that the book is a modern excavation of the Mahabharata and is useful for intellectual debates about the Mahabharata.

The second book is a Nepali translation of Nobel Prize-winning American author John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men. The book was translated by Ganes Poudel. The novel tells the heart-breaking story of the two friends’ (George and Lenny) struggle for survival in the United States after the Great Depression of 1930.

The third book, a translation of the novel Wa Lampusthva Pala: by Malla K. Sundar from the Newari language into Nepali is Vimukti. It has been translated by Rajendra Maharjan and Mahesh Raj Maharjan. About the novel, author Malla K Sundar said, “through the story of the people’s war, I have tried to present the picture of class differences of Nepali society in this novel.”

In their official press release on Monday, Book-Hill chairman Bhupendra Khadka, has said that three books of different genres have been published simultaneously as the interest in translated literature is growing in recent years.

Book-Hill possesses a prestigious list of bestselling, award-winning, and renowned authors and new ones. The Publication giant mostly publishes fiction and non-fiction books including history politics and other social sciences.